Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stu-Stu-Studio (more works in progress from the frigid artspace out yonder)

Hey there!

In between packing for HB's 9th Annual Birthday Adventure (this year, she and I are going to NYC - The Big Apple - for to visit my family and to have some Beeg City FUN (with a capital F-U-N!!), worrying about the ultimate demise of our red heaired friends, doing dishes, errands to the bank, grocery, video shop and library, and doing some general cleaning of the house incl. the " stinky chore" of deep cleaning the litter area (remember, we have 5 cats (that's right we're CRAAZZYYY!) 'round these parts folks!),

Awww, idin't widdle Dippy Pippy cute?!?!
I have been trying to sneak in some time in the refridgerated "studio" and get some paintings done ...

Ahh, fun with spray paint, wood and markers. What's better than that?

...before we jet east.


@ midnight.

Oh my gosh, I have got to get going here!

Let me know what you think!

Peace out y'all.


ChiaLynn said...

Love those paintings - and I notice the color scheme matches the cat's bed. She must appreciate that. :)

t. primo said...

chialynn - Thanks for reading. Good eye spotting the similarity between the pallate of my paintings and my cat Pippy's favorite bed on top of our drier. Amazingly, this is pure coincidence. I was merely playing around with some leftover aerosol spray paint that I had lying around in "the studio/storage shed.

By the way, my daughter and I are busy trying to think up a veggie character for our legend project as inspired by your site. I think we may have something by Valentine's Day. (Don't hold your breath tho'!)