Friday, January 18, 2008

Red Hair and Black Leather, My Favorite Colour Scheme...


Hey sister, you're gonna need a better attitude than that if you want some help with the plight of your people!
Never heard of this band Coventry, but they seem to embrace the right spirit of the movement. I'll have to look them up, even if the girl does NOT have any black leather on, despite the album title. Sheesh! Got the '52 Vincent Black Lightning tho,' and that counts for alot.Redheads are walking works of art, attracting the eye of the beholder in a sea of brown, black and blonde.
Most beautiful. This lovely lady reminds me, in a way, of that controversial Blind Faith album cover from back in the day.

"Hello there pretty Irish lass... "

Lookie here!
A '52 Vincent Black Lightning, and a young lady with red hair and Black (& white) leather. Cool,huh,huh,huh...

As a big fan of red heads (especially those who would agree to wearing some black leather on occasion and wouldn't be adverse to riding a '52 Vincent Black Lightning once and a while), I was shocked to learn that their time amongst us is extremely limited.

Let's all band together to help save our redheaded sisters (and brothers, I suppose, since we'll need them make more red headed sisters.) A good place to start is @ the official natural red head appreciation myspace (Serious.)

some more red haired beauties to appreciate...

So thoughtful these 'uns! They've got alot on their minds, seeing as their kind are slowly disappearing!!!

Remember folks, extinction is nothing to mess around with, even if you are only kidding.

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