Friday, January 18, 2008

"Baby! I say, What 'choo been up too?!?!?"

Hey There Peoble! I been busy playing with paint in "the Studio" as of late, which is why (partialy) I haven't been here in a while. Here is a peek @ what I've been up to. Hope you enjoy.

A series of recent small paintings. These are all done on pieces of wood salvaged from the boxes of french wines shipped to the wine shop I help out at occasionally. Gotta love free art matterials and recycling!

Detail s of a painting inspired by Brian Wilson's song Cool, Cool Water. I had fun with this one. Details are done with permanent markers, and very small paint brushes.

A piece in progress for my friend E. We are big Lou Reed fans.

This next painting is sideways because I have no idea how to flip it vertical. (Help? Anyone?)

Details of the above painting, entitled "oftentimes...lately it seems...I find my heart cries out, yearns, searches for yours". It is for (and inspired by) my wife, the love of my life. Awww.

Sorry some of the photos are not the best. I'm still trying to figure out how best to photograph my artwork with my new camera. I'll keep trying.
Thanks for looking. Comments always welcome.
See y'all soon, y'hear?

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