Friday, January 19, 2007

Mighty Nice Facial Hair...

Pretty funny bit about great mustaches in pop music, I agree more with the second set of picks (or I just like those artists better, I guess...).

I think they should have mentioned Mike Watt from the Minutemen, firehose etc. He sported one of the most memorable 'staches I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
One of my all time favorite musicians...he seems like a genuinely good guy too. Check out his website. Very detailed history of him and Minutemen and that whole scene, look at his extensive photo gallery, that boy really gets around, he rubs elbows with (or plays music with) everyone who is anyone in "indie" music for the last 26 plus years.

In looking at those photos, I see that Mr. Watt only just started sporting the distinctive mustache pictured above sometime in 2000 or so, and he seems to change up his facial hair on a fairly regular basis, so perhaps he is not as identified with his "lip warmer" as others are.

On The Road Again

Well, well, well...lookie here. I have been away from this for exactly a year. What was my problem? Hard to say. Mostly it was a time thing. Being too busy juggling activities and staying alive. Partly I was uninspired, and unsure of how to proceed with this site (and I still am unsure of that direction, but now I feel "ahh, so what?" about that. Let's just see where this journey takes us shall we?). Then there is my famous (to some) procrastination problem. (much, much more on that at a later date...get it?)

I want to push that all aside for now, and concentrate on making this a habit that sticks. I feel the need to work on my writing, and this is a great forum to help me do that. So, here goes nothing. Third time's a charm right?

I have been very involved in many projects over the past year; working sometimes three PT jobs, lots of home improvement projects, volunteering @ my daughters school, attempting to jump start the creative process within me again by establishing a workspace for myself to do my art (I pretentiously call it my "studio", but I figure why not make it a grander thing than it is even if it is in name only, it may make it seem to me that I am doing some important work in there, when in reality I AM doing important work - at least to me), finally having some major epiphanies about my artwork, my life and the direction I am heading with my life's work. Amongst other things.
I plan to try and work on this sight much more diligently in the weeks and months ahead, including finally reaching out to the rest of the blogosphere via links and such. For too long, I have been trying to hide in the shadows, and it really hasn't been working for me. I hope this is the start of something good for all involved.
A wide open road of possibilities lies to join me?